Apple Pie

My oh my, apple pie! Oh baby this was a good one. I made this on Thanksgiving day (a Thursday) for hubby and I, shared a piece with a friend the next day, and by Saturday it was all gone. I topped my piece with whipped cream (obviously it should have been ice-cream but I … Continue reading Apple Pie

Hops! (Aka Rolls)

A Trini staple throughout the year is Hops bread. Its basically a fluffy, airy dinner roll. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it does the job! This was my first attempt at making Hops bread. I used a combination of recipes, one I found online, the other in my Naparima cookbook and the last was good old … Continue reading Hops! (Aka Rolls)

THE Best Stuffing, Dressing, whatever the hell you wanna call it!

You can't have a holiday party, may it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's without Stuffing! The perfect stuffing for me has to have a little crunch (pecans), a little sweet (corn bread), a little fruit (apples, I sometimes use dried cranberries), and a whole lota rich and savory (sausage, fennel, onions, wine, etc). I usually … Continue reading THE Best Stuffing, Dressing, whatever the hell you wanna call it!

Friendsgiving Party

A friend of mine who loves throwing parties decided to having a Friendsgiving potluck the week before Thanksgiving. She quickly sought my help due to my obvious party planning obsession! Her parties are always tons of fun, whether we end up playing drinking games, actual games or having a bit too much of her signature … Continue reading Friendsgiving Party

Easy Peasy Festive Napkins

My friend Kat found this idea on Pinterest and they could not be easier to put together. It only takes 3 items: Napkins (Party City), raffia (michaels), cutlery (Party City). First, lay the fork on top of the knife with the textured part of the napkin at the bottom (like a V). Be sure to position the knife and … Continue reading Easy Peasy Festive Napkins