Easy Peasy Festive Napkins

My friend Kat found this idea on Pinterest and they could not be easier to put together. It only takes 3 items: Napkins (Party City), raffia (michaels), cutlery (Party City).


First, lay the fork on top of the knife with the textured part of the napkin at the bottom (like a V). Be sure to position the knife and fork so that they protrude off of the napkin which will ensure that they show once it’s all folded.


Next, make the first fold. Take the left side of the napkin over to the right, being careful not to make them completely parallel.


Now take the bottom of the folded napkin up.


Next, take the right side all the way over to the left till it reaches around back to the right side.


Like this!


Now cut enough twine to make several wraps. Place the twine evenly under the folded napkin.


Start wrapping!


Like this!


Once you’ve gotten several layers or levels make a knot and a big bow.


All done!

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