Last Christmas

It’ll be hard to top last Christmas. My sister, her boyfriend and my mom flew from Trinidad to spend it with us. Only person missing was my mother-in-law. My husband was the only one of us that had ever been skiing or snowboarding before, so we decided to get an airbnb to spend it near Mohawk Mountain ski area in Connecticut. We packed up everything we needed, food (all the food in the world it seemed), pots and pans (because you never know what you might be missing), monopoly deal (another obsession), and cute sweaters. Unfortunately, we only got to ski and snowboard for one day so I’m not a pro just yet. However I did manage to perfect the art of falling and bruising myself. LOL!

I wanted it to feel like Christmas even though we weren’t at home so I took everything we needed to make all the staples and some new items as well! We had sorrel, pastels, callaloo, shrimp mac and cheese, turkey, ham, and cheese stuffed rolls just to name a few. Oh and ALL the wine!

The house we stayed in was wonderful. There was a fireplace, a jacuzzi and an overall warm, cozy vibe so we really wished that we could have stayed longer. I’m hoping that I can find a similar house for our skiing/snowboarding trip this year.

I’ll be posting my recipe for pastelles and sorrel next week.

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